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The TomCast with Tom Stanley

Sep 15, 2021

What's up podcast! Glad you're back for another new episode of the TomCast. This episode is me discussing my full experiences working on my private pilot's license. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me over on my Instagram!

Sep 1, 2021

Long time no see! Happy to see all of you back here on the TomCast. I appreciate all of you for keeping the podcast going and I hope all you enjoy this brand new episode!

Jun 16, 2021

What's up podcast. Welcome back to another episode with another familiar guest. We have Clay Simmons on the show today. He's the founder of the PodPod and also a private pilot. Let me know how you like this different style of the TomCast over on my Instagram!

May 26, 2021

what's up podcast, hope you're doing well. Today was have the longest episode ever recorded on the TomCast, as well as the first ever dual guests! This episode is super aviation oriented, so all of my young avgeeks will defiantly love this episode. Hope you enjoy!

Apr 28, 2021

What's up podcast. Good to have you back. Today we have Devin Lamm on the show. He's a pilot that recently bought his own airplane! He shares what it's like to have your own airplane and a lot of other aviation and sports topics. Really fun episode for you today. Let me know how you enjoy it!