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The TomCast with Tom Stanley

Aug 26, 2020

What's up podcast. Hope all of you are doing well. On this new episode of the TomCast, I discuss how important it is to audit your surroundings and make sure you have the right people in your life. Hope you got some value out of it!

Aug 19, 2020

Super excited for the guest today on the TomCast, Kimchipilot! We discuss many varies of aviation talk, and some advice for creating content on TikTok that can be used many other platforms. Enjoy!

Aug 12, 2020

In this new episode of the TomCast I recall my experiences and what I learned working for Starbucks. As well as my favorite drinks to have at Starbucks. Hope you enjoy!

Aug 5, 2020

I hope all of you are doing well. On this episode of the TomCast we have doaviation on today. He's also known as doatc. I changed up the style for this episode, so let me know how you liked it!